The Committee

President: Inderpreet Kaur

Hi, I’m Inderpreet and I’m a third-year theologist at Newnham and the Sikh Society President for this year. I am responsible for overlooking the Society and making sure it runs smoothly and is active. I work closely with all the committee members to ensure everyone is doing their part to make the Society as welcoming as possible and to make sure that we can build a strong community here at Cambridge.

Vice-President: Maan Singh Sodhi

Hi, I’m a third-year Computer Science student at Jesus College. As Vice President for this year, my role will involve supporting the president as well as the rest of committee in creating a welcoming, organised and friendly society.

Treasurer: Harshvir Singh Grewal

Hi, I’m a fourth-year medic at Trinity Hall and I am the Treasurer. I am responsible for managing the Society’s finances and liaising with our sponsors.

Events: Jai Singh Matharu

Hi, I’m a third-year medic at Queen’s, and I’m the events officer for this year. I am responsible for organising any events the soc runs, making sure they run smoothly and coming up with new ideas for events or ways to make our current events bigger and better.

Computing & Publicity: Arjun Singh Judge

Hi, I’m a second-year engineer at Trinity and the Computing and Publicity Officer for this year. I’m in charge of publicising the Society and the events we run, and making sure our Social Media platforms are kept active and engaging. I also manage the technical side of running the Society, such as maintaining the website and managing the mailing lists.

Religious & Interfaith: Arunpreet Singh

Hi, I’m Arun, a second-year PhD student at St Edmund’s College. As Religious and Interfaith officer I aim to encourage a non-judgemental and accessible environment for all. This involves coordinating and encouraging a balance of social, inter-societal and Sikhi related events and initiatives for us to enjoy and learn together.

Welfare: Sasha Kaur Dhillon

Hi, I’m a third year Mathmo and am the welfare officer for this year. I am responsible for giving ideas regarding mental wellbeing related events and for making sure that students feel supported during the year. You can contact me here.

You can get in contact with the committee members via social media (either through the society accounts linked at the bottom of this page, or on our personal accounts), or via the contact us page.

If you would like to take a look at previous committees, you can access them here.